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How do we teach and assess general capabilities?

How do we teach and assess general capabilities?

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The big question about general capabilities in a contemporary educational setting is no longer why but how they should be taught, report ACER’s Claire Scoular and Jonathan Heard in Teacher.

Contemporary thinking about general capabilities is substantially different from five years ago, with a greater focus on finding the best ways to teach and assess skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. There is little evidence about the best resources or strategies, and no indication that one will fit all. Therefore, there is not much in the way of guidance for teachers or schools.

The Australian Council for Educational Research’s (ACER) Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation (CARI) has been developing an assessment framework for measuring and monitoring the teaching of 21st century skills in the classroom. It combines curriculum-oriented assessment tools, resources and professional development to better equip teachers to integrate teaching and assessment of general capabilities into their classroom practice.

Trials in a Year 8 cohort have already begun but more participants from Years 5 and 8 are required. To find out more, read the full article in Teacher.

Research Conference 2021: Excellent progress for every student
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