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Sharing the assessment reform story
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Sharing the assessment reform story

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A new web-based resource is chronicling the experiences of schools as they undertake assessment reform.

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), through the Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation (CARI), is leading new thinking about assessment as a way of establishing and understanding what learners know and can do in order to better inform teaching and educational decision making.

To support that new thinking, ACER in May launched a project to share with the education community details of the processes undertaken by schools involved in assessment reform and innovation.

As ACER Principal Research Fellow Dr Hilary Hollingsworth explains, writing in Teacher, the Assessment Reform and Innovation Examples Project is a web-based resource that chronicles the assessment reform experiences of schools in rich multimedia timelines.

‘The Assessment Reform and Innovation Examples Project resources include recorded interviews with key staff and artefacts of the reform process, including meeting agendas, examples of assessment criteria and presentations,’ Dr Hollingsworth said. ‘The resource aims to provoke and promote learning for schools embarking on assessment reform and innovation.’

The assessment reform stories of Newborough East Primary School and Emmanuel College, both in Victoria, have so far been chronicled in the resource, with the stories of the assessment journeys of other schools to be chronicled in due course.

Read the full article:
Tracking school assessment reform and innovation’, written by Hilary Hollingsworth and published in Teacher, is available at < >

Further information:
For more information on ACER’s Centre for Assessment Reform and Innovation, visit < >.

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