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Why you should study a single masters unit

Why you should study a single masters unit

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Can't commit to a masters? There is another way to advance your career.

Completing a masters qualification can greatly improve your career prospects, but the demands on your time and finances mean it might not be the right option for you.

But what if you could get a taste of a masters without committing to the whole course and gain credit points along the way?

Studying a single masters level unit lets you do exactly that.

How does it work?

ACER’s new masters level unit, Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory, is a great example of this in action.

‘Many of our students are professionals, working full-time,’ says Dr Anne-Marie Chase, course coordinator at ACER. ‘They want to get a deeper understanding of a particular area, but perhaps aren’t quite ready to commit to a whole masters, whether in terms of time or finances.

'Our new masters level unit provides a stepping stone.’

Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory is graded AQF level 9 (masters level), meaning students can get a taste of a masters before committing to a full course. It enables professionals to satisfy their personal and professional interest in a specific area, while earning the credit points towards a masters. By successfully completing the Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory unit, you will gain credit points towards a relevant masters degree (coursework).

If you decide to continue with a full masters, you’ve already earned valuable credit points and have a clearer idea of what’s involved,’ says Dr Chase. ‘And if a masters isn’t for you, you’ve still gained an in-depth understanding of a specific subject that could give you the edge in your career.’

For instance, ACER’s Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory focuses on developing a theoretical understanding to help you get the most from Rasch Measurement, the tool that has been used to underpin student testing globally, including NAPLAN, PISA and TIMSS.

‘Being a masters level course, it explores the subject of Rasch measurement theory deeper than you might have before,’ Dr Chase says. ‘The things you learn are designed for you to easily incorporate into your workplace activities, such as objective measurement, how to evaluate the consistency of data, and how to measure group trends and individual growth.

The best part is, ACER offers the flexibility of 100% online part-time study, so you can fit your studies around your personal and work commitments.

Applications are now open!

Find out more about the Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory course and how to advance your career with this masters level unit. Or, for a more detailed discussion, call our course coordinators on +61 3 9277 5717 or email

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