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Junior game designers create a reaction at PAX
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017

Gaming industry experts have commended the winners of the 2017 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, which this year required students as young as 10 years old to design and build a video game addressing the theme ‘reaction’.

Scottish national assessment supports children and young people’s learning progress
Tuesday, 3 Oct 2017

As part of the Scottish Government’s National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan for Scottish Education, every child in P1, P4, P7 and S3 will now undertake national standardised assessments covering aspects of reading, writing and numeracy over the course of the academic year.

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VET and learner choice
Vocational & Adult
Monday, 23 Oct 2017

New research explores the drivers influencing VET student behaviour and their impact on choice of provider and course in a competitive training market, as Justin Brown explains.

Single-sex schooling and achievement outcomes
Thursday, 28 Sep 2017

Analysis of NAPLAN numeracy and reading data reveals that single-sex schools on average provide no better value-add over time than coeducational schools, as Katherine Dix explains.

Looking for the X factors in Indigenous early education
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017

Early education for Indigenous students should begin from a place of strength, by focusing on students’ potential, interests, abilities, knowledge and capacities, rather than their limits.

Teacher absenteeism in Indonesia
Monday, 16 Mar 2015

A comprehensive new study reveals that teacher absenteeism in Indonesia is declining, and provides evidence for policy makers focused on improving teaching and learning, as Phil McKenzie explains.

Australian students strong collaborative problem solvers: PISA
Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

Students in Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and the United States perform better in collaborative problem solving than would be expected, based on their scores in the science, reading and mathematics components of the OECD’s 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment.

Mozzies in Mongolia: Tracing the impact of Australia Awards alumni
Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017

Staff involved in the Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility recently visited a wind farm in Mongolia as part of research being undertaken to trace the steps of alumni who have studied in Australia.

ACER-led international study results released
Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017

The IEA today released results from the ACER-led 2016 International Civic and Citizenship Education Study.

Making a difference: Supporting students in Lesotho
Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017

ACER's Making a Difference program is supporting schools in Lesotho.

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