Assessment of general capabilities

The major activity under this project is to investigate ways of assessing ‘21st century’ skills, such as creativity and innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, research skills and communication skills.

During 2016-19 work will be undertaken to conceptualise what progress looks like and to develop a frame of reference for assessing and reporting students’ levels of proficiency.

A small number of classroom-based problem solving activities targeting Year 5 and Year 8 students will be developed as classroom contexts for making observations relevant to each of these skills/attributes. These tasks will be trialled in schools and the resulting data analysed to explore the feasibility of collecting valid, reliable and generalisable information about these aspects of student learning and development.

In addition, ACER will develop a teacher resource that addresses learning, assessment and reporting of ‘21st century’ skills such as: good assessment and reporting practices, including design of task rubrics and observation protocols; a curated set of relevant resources for teaching these skills; and a detailed online Domain Map.