New Thinking projects About CARI

The Centre's New Thinking projects are designed to bring together advocates to share their knowledge and ideas and continue to raise awareness in the broader community about assessment reform.

Assessment advocacy

The focus of assessment to improve learning is on understanding – by diagnosing in detail – where learners are in their learning and monitoring learning progress over time, and using this understanding to inform the best next teaching steps to take to support that learning progress.

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Networking/exemplary practices

ACER’s longstanding and ongoing support of assessment is evident in the range of assessment tools it develops that enable educators to monitor learning across the lifespan. ACER also develops a variety of professional learning courses, programs and research conferences, and publications.

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Communicating student learning progress

ACER has investigated alternatives to the traditional ‘school report’ as a way of communicating the progress students make in their learning.

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Assessment Reform and Innovation samples

This project chronicled different schools’ assessment reform experiences, presented in web-based interactive timelines.

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