Networking/exemplary practices

ACER’s longstanding and ongoing support of assessment is evident in the range of assessment tools it develops that enable educators to monitor learning across the lifespan. ACER also develops a variety of professional learning courses, programs and research conferences, and publications.

In 2017 ACER is seeking examples of successful attempts to implement assessment processes consistent with ACER’s principles. ACER is especially interested in examples that illustrate approaches to overcoming obstacles to change with respect to reforming assessment thinking and practice.

The intention is to assemble a small collection of papers describing these examples, and to invite the authors of these papers to attend an Assessment Summit to be convened by ACER in November/December 2017 to present their paper. ACER will then publish the set of papers on the ACER website and possibly in a hardcopy publication.

In addition to the Assessment Summit, ACER is supporting a network of schools to share innovative assessment and reporting strategies and the ACER Institute is designing a program of workshops addressing the assessment of reading, writing and problem solving.

Visit the Professional learning page for more information about participating in the Assessment Summit and other events.