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5 Ways a Graduate Certificate in Education Keeps Your Career Moving
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5 Ways a Graduate Certificate in Education Keeps Your Career Moving

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Have you ever had that frustrating feeling that you're on a career plateau? Or that your career is moving sideways, not up? If you want to keep your career moving, education needs to be a constant in your life.

Whether you’re looking to become a leader, take on more challenges and responsibilities, or move your career in an upward direction, completing a postgraduate qualification could be exactly what you need to get there.

Here are five ways a Graduate Certificate in Education will keep your career moving. 

  1. You become the specialist.

While initial teacher training provides you with the skills critical to success in the classroom, studying a Graduate Certificate in Education goes deeper. For example, the Assessment of Student Learning course provides in-depth investigation into the subject of assessment, and that’s something that every school now needs. You become the one leadership and colleagues turn to when they’re trying to solve assessment challenges and you can inject new thinking into the school – all while making an impact on students’ learning.

  1. You take on increased responsibility.

With skills, insights and knowledge that most of your colleagues won’t have, your scope of work is likely to broaden. You will be called on to inform the decision-making process. Your new expertise and wider responsibilities will make you an even greater asset to the school, with promotions and salary rises likely to follow. This leads us to our next point…

  1. Your promotion prospects will improve.

Competition for higher positions and higher salaries is strong and, if you don’t make an effort to stand out from the crowd, you could be undeservedly overlooked. By taking on a Graduate Certificate in Education, you are demonstrating your ambition to further your knowledge, personal growth and development. You’re showing that you’re committed to the future of your school and students, and that you’re proactively seeking ways to make a positive difference. Can your peers say the same?

  1. Your professional network expands.

In education, as in any other sector, active networking is vital to career growth. Networking is the continuous process of building strong relationships, which you can draw on to share experiences and ideas, solve challenges and help each other towards goals. One of the great advantages of studying a Graduate Certificate in Education is the opportunity to do exactly that. Even while studying online, you can grow your professional network to include education professionals from diverse teaching backgrounds. As you study, you learn from others, listen to their experiences and reflect on them.

  1. You can fine-tune a range of skills.

The World Economic Forum’s 2018 ‘Future of Jobs’ report found that 21st century skills, such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and collaboration, will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills. A Graduate Certificate in Education helps you continue to develop these ‘soft skills’, while unleashing new critical thinking and analytical skills that are vital to career progression.

It’s more possible than you think.

For many, the main barrier to taking on postgraduate study is lack of time. But you can overcome this hurdle by choosing an education provider that offers the flexibility you need to integrate study back into your life. The Graduate Certificate in Education – Assessment of Student Learning is perfect for busy educators who need the freedom to study at their own pace. (You can find more tips on how to find time for postgraduate study in this article.) Now there really is nothing stopping you from getting your qualification and getting ahead.

Get ready to jumpstart your career.

Applications are now open for the January intake of ACER’s Graduate Certificate in Education –  Assessment of Student Learning. Find out how you can become a leader in education with this 100% online, 12-month course. Contact our team for more information or visit our website to download a free course guide and apply online.

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