Become a leader in assessment, ACER’s Graduate Certificate of Education: Assessment of Student Learning

Schools are relying on assessments more than ever before, but few people understand how to tap into their potential to improve real-life learning every day.

Equip yourself with the real-world skills to put yourself at the forefront of education with ACER’s Graduate Certificate of Education: Assessment of Student Learning.

Drawing on the world-leading research and assessment expertise of ACER, the Assessment of Student Learning program ignites new thinking about assessment and provides the practical techniques to make an immediate impact on students’ learning progress. 

Discover new concepts in student assessment, while challenging and extending your understanding of existing approaches. Gain the practical skills to evaluate and implement the right assessment tools in different contexts. Learn how to analyse and apply data to plan teaching and make more informed decisions to support student growth.

Wherever you are in your teaching career, this course arms you with the skills and understanding to become a future education leader. The best part is, while the qualification can be achieved in just 12 months, you can put your learnings into practice every single day of your course.

Our 100 per cent online, part-time course gives you the flexibility to study when you want, where you want.

Fast-track your career. By successfully completing this course you will be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards a Master's degree.

Course overview

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • understand the theories and research evidence underpinning the purposes and principles of assessment and feedback in the teaching and learning cycle
  • understand the uses of moderation and triangulation of data sources to inform judgements
  • critically evaluate assessment in relation to defined frameworks
  • critically evaluate a range of assessment methods, and use appropriate criteria to select and judge evidence
  • build students’ capacity for self-assessment and peer assessment
  • use appropriate criteria to make unbiased judgements of student achievement based on evidence
  • use assessment evidence to inform and improve current practice, identify next steps for students and identify professional development needs.

The Graduate Certificate of Education: Assessment of Student Learning comprises four units.

Assessment to Promote Learning

Unit 1 GCEASL01

Develop an in-depth understanding of the purpose and importance of assessment for learning. This unit builds a strong foundation for subsequent units in the Graduate Certificate Education: Assessment of Student Learning.

You can also choose to study this unit as a stand-alone non-award professional development course.

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Assessment Methods

Unit 2 GCEASL02

Delve deeper into assessment theory and practice. Explore the strengths and limitations of different assessment methods. Develop a practical understanding of the criteria for selecting different assessment methods, and start building the skills to put them into practice with students. 

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Estimating Student Progress

Unit 3 GCEASL03

Learn how to use assessment results to reach decisions about where individuals are in their learning. Gain the practical techniques to reach valid and reliable conclusions about learning progress of students which will inform your teaching.

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Using Assessment Evidence to Inform Teaching and Learning

Unit 4 GCEASL04

Once you have collected assessment data, what next? Develop the techniques to use assessment insights to make more informed decisions in the classroom. Gain a breadth of skills to harness assessment evidence in practical ways, resulting in more effective teaching and learning progress.

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This learning experience was one of the best I have engaged in for a long time. It addressed really specific issues related to my role and therefore I was able to not only consider but apply, reflect and reapply what I was learning... Facilitation and support within the course was timely and specific, modelling our investigations in practice. I cannot more highly recommend this course for those that want to delve deeper into student learning and assessment.

Carolyn Gedling
Curriculum Director, The Franconian International School, Germany

Why study with ACER?



The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is internationally recognised as a leader in educational research and assessment. 



Our Graduate Certificate of Education offers access to leading specialists and experts in the field of educational assessment, providing insight from the latest developments in educational research.



Our part-time, online learning environment is tailored to your personal needs and availability.

Work independently, to your own schedule, on any device, anywhere in the world.



Graduates from our programs are backed by ACER’s reputation for high-quality, evidence-based research, and are well-equipped for positions in educational leadership, allowing them to take the next step in their teaching career.

The course provided a chance for me to reflect on my practice and challenged me to think critically in moving forward. The content is relevant, interesting and up to date with newest research and innovation. Most importantly, it is practical.

Elise Pape
Year Leader and Classroom Teacher, Oakleigh, Victoria

Enrolment - How to apply

We have courses starting in January and July, so you can choose the timing that works best for you. 

We understand not everyone comes from the same starting point. Whether you’re new to teaching or have decades of experience, our program is tailored to those who want to become leaders in student assessment.

That’s why our entry requirements are simple:

  • You have an undergraduate degree (at least) in a relevant discipline from an approved tertiary institution
  • You have experience in an education setting

Enrolments for January and July courses are now open. Apply today and take the next step in your career with ACER.

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29 January 2018

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Friday 19 January 2018

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16 July 2018

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