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ACER Reconciliation Action Plan
Image © Davinder Hart, ‘Sharing Knowledge’

ACER Reconciliation Action Plan

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The ACER Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outlines our commitment to build deeper mutual understanding and more effective relationships with First Nations peoples.

ACER is also working towards promoting the integration of First Nations’ cultures, histories and knowledges into Australian educational processes.

ACER Chief Executive Professor Geoff Masters said, ‘As an education research organisation, ACER understands the crucial importance of mutual understanding and effective relationships to individual wellbeing, successful learning and human flourishing. We also understand the negative impacts social and economic barriers have on educational outcomes for many Australians, including many First Nations people.’

The Reflect RAP, endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, covers 18 months and forms the foundation for further, more ambitious RAPs in the future.

ACER Reconciliation Action Plan cover

The RAP cover features “Sharing Knowledge” by Davinder Hart, a First Nations artist from the southwest region of the Noongar people of Western Australia. The artwork consists of circles which represent the different mobs coming together and sharing with each other. It tells of the importance of sharing knowledge, a message passed on to Davinder by his Elders.

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