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Explaining the core concepts behind PAT: New video guides

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To support educators to get the most out of the PAT suite of assessments, reports and teaching resources, we have developed a series of short explainer videos that unpack essential PAT concepts.

The PAT core concept series includes 9 concise videos – no longer than 4 minutes each – that are presented by experts from our very own ACER team. Three key videos are featured to get you started.  

What is Adaptive Testing?

Presented by Toby Newton. With years of experience in online assessment, Toby is the driving force behind the design of the ACER Data Explorer, the internationally recognised reporting interface, which presents the results from PAT Adaptive in ways that are meaningful, effective, and easy to use.

What are Achievement Bands?

Presented by Matt Bongetti. Matt is a former primary school teacher whose role at ACER is to aid and support schools and systems in their use of online assessments. Matt has the unique perspective of seeing both sides of PAT, having delivered PAT tests as a teacher and now working with schools to use their data effectively.  

What are norms?

Presented by Caithlin Power. Caithlin supports System Clients (such as Departments of Education and Catholic Archdioceses) with their implementation of ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach across their network of schools. Prior to joining ACER, Caithlin worked as a primary school teacher and Leader of eLearning for 11 years and is passionate providing learning support to classroom teachers and school leaders.  

Keen to explore more? 

Other titles in this new series include, ‘What does student progress look like?’, ‘What are stanines?’ and more! You can view all the video guides in our School Support Centre.  

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