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PAT Schools Talk: Mapping the learning journey with data

PAT Schools Talk: Mapping the learning journey with data

ACER news 2 minute read

In our latest video about real-life teachers using PAT, educators from Our Lady of the Visitation School in South Australia share the ways they use PAT data.

Mapping student learning is about demonstrating progress – and the philosophy behind the ACER Progressive Achievement (PAT) approach is that every student can progress in their learning, regardless of starting point.

The data from PAT assessments is used to pinpoint a student's 'location' in their learning journey then monitor their achievement levels over time. In this way, says one educator in this short video, teachers can show parents exactly how far their children have come.


Other videos in the PAT Schools Talk series cover topics like how problem-solving skills bring benefits beyond the classroom and how to build a broad picture of student learning by combining data from PAT and other assessments like NAPLAN.

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