Assessment to Promote Learning - GCEASLAPL

Designed for professional educators, this online unit of study provides an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the purpose and importance of assessment for learning.

Highly relevant to modern educational practice and designed for direct application to contemporary educational contexts, the Assessment to Promote Learning unit is a response to the data-driven nature of the modern teaching and learning environment.  Drawing from research and evidence to improve teaching and learning for all students, unit participants will enhance both their teaching and assessment practices by developing greater capabilities in evidence-based decision-making, effective assessment design and critical evaluation of new and existing assessment methods.

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Delivery mode


Credit points


Time commitment

10 weeks

Unit requirements

An approved degree and access to an educational setting.

Unit cost


Unit content

  • The purpose of assessing student learning
  • The need for assessment reform
  • Design principles for a Learning Assessment System
  • Evolving theories of human learning
  • Empirically based learning progressions


Assessment 1

Critical review
(40% weighting)

Assessment 2

Learning progression
(60% weighting)

* Weighting may be adjusted to equivalent levels dependent on the requirements of the Assessment.

Unit outcomes

Students will develop knowledge of:

  • the purpose and importance of assessment for learning;
  • the need to ground assessment design in research-based theories of the nature of learning and conditions that support learning;
  • design principles for a Learning Assessment System; and
  • the importance of empirically based learning domains for assessing student learning.

Students will develop expertise in:

  • the critical reading of reports of learning research and student assessment research;
  • the practical skills of critically reviewing school and classroom assessment practices; and
  • the practical skills of proposing enhancements to school and classroom assessment practices.

Postgraduate Non-Award Unit

The first unit in our Graduate Certificate of Education: Assessment of Student Learning also functions as a stand-alone, non-award professional development course.

Participants completing the Assessment to Promote Learning unit in this manner will receive a unit completion certificate from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and entitlement to academic credit, should they enrol in the Graduate Certificate of Education: Assessment of Student Learning course at ACER.

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