ACER is recognised in Australia and internationally as a provider of high quality resources which assist schools and their leaders to enhance the effectiveness of an explicit improvement agenda.

The National School Improvement Tool and Professional Learning Community Framework are research based instruments which enable schools to develop critical information about their performance. This information is essential for developing relevant, evidence based school improvement plans that can drive improved learning outcomes for all students.

The National School Improvement Tool (NSIT)

The NSIT provides a framework for gathering baseline data on school practices. It is used by schools as a basis for self-assessment and also by trained, external reviewers to provide an independent perspective on how a school is performing.

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The PLCF and Professional Learning Community Questionnaire (PLCQ)

Under review

The PLCF and Professional Community Questionnaire (PCQ) provide school leaders with a means of reviewing the strength of their schools as a professional learning community and measuring improvement over time.

Education System Improvement Tool

In development

The Education System Improvement Tool© brings together findings from international research into the practices of highly effective school systems and system leadership.

ACER Student Perception of Teaching Questionnaire (SPTQ)

Under review

The SPTQ provides schools and teachers with an opportunity to gain valid and useful feedback from students about the quality of their teaching. The SPTQ is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching and the Danielson Framework for Teaching.