The ACER Student Perception of Teaching Questionnaire

The Student Perception of Teaching Questionnaire (SPTQ), developed by ACER, provides schools and teachers with a means of gaining valid and useful feedback about the quality of their teaching.  The SPTQ is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching and consists of two domains and eight components.

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When carefully constructed, student surveys are valid measures of teaching quality; they can accurately predict student achievement gains.  Students are responsible and reliable sources of information about the quality of their teaching.  Student surveys can also provide information similar to classroom observations, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

The SPTQ has been carefully constructed to ensure that students are asked about what they know from their extensive classroom experience.  They are not asked for opinions or to compare teachers.

ACER provides the SPTQ to schools as an online survey that students complete confidentially.  Students usually complete the 60 item survey in 15 minutes.  Participating teachers and schools are provided with reports based on the SPTQ findings within two weeks.

Who should use the SPTQ?

School leaders

When administered school-wide, the SPTQ can provide school leaders with a useful and reliable overview of the quality of teaching in their school.

  • SPTQ reports enable school leaders to identify areas where professional learning may be needed.
  • They can also provide school leaders with a basis for recognising and rewarding teachers who attain high teaching standards
  • The SPTQ can be administered annually, providing a useful basis for measuring school improvement over time. 


Individual teachers

Teachers can apply individually for ACER to provide confidential reports based on the SPTQ.

  • Teachers find reports based on the SPTQ very useful for their professional learning.
  • Teachers applying for promotion or Highly Accomplished Teacher Certification can arrange for the SPTQ to be administered to their students and for ACER reports to be included as evidence in their applications.  

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