Professional learning for educators

ACER professional learning courses are developed by experienced researchers and teachers for school teachers and practitioners

We understand that your team, workforce or faculty have unique requirements when it comes to training. We design self-paced, customised courses to meet the specific needs of our clients in Southeast Asia.

What we can do for you

Knowledge Sharing Session is ACER Indonesia informal periodical discussion session where local or international resource person share their knowledge to public in an informal manner. Each session usually takes about 1.5-2 hours and discuss one specific topic related to assessment and learning. In the past two years, ACER Indonesia has conducted 8 sharing sessions.

Teacher training is a professional learning designed in a more ad hoc and less structured way compared to micro-credentials. Teacher training could take more than a day and in a more formal manner compared to sharing session.

ACER Indonesia together with ACER Institute, ACER India, and ACER Malaysia, professional learning program consisting of micro certifications (in the form of digital badges) in educational assessment for select professionals in the education sector. Completion of a series of micro-certifications by the participant could lead to the award of an ACER Certificate in Educational Assessment Specialist. Each digital badge would consist of several modules, each requiring a learning assurance task to allow participants to demonstrate their[ skills. The program is planned to be rolled out among ACER offices globally in 2020 with the first phase will consist of 4 courses with 4 modules each. The micro credentials will combine an offline and online learning.

We draw on our expertise as a leader in educational research, assessment, data collection and analysis, and psychometrics to develop and provide customised professional learning in Southeast Asia.

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