ACER’s expertise in sampling, surveys, assessments and other forms of data collection, psychometric and data analysis, and reporting provides research evidence to improve learning across the lifespan.

Blending solid experience and creative talent with established methodologies, ACER is a full-service research consultancy specialising in collecting and interpreting information to shape strategic decision making at all levels, from the early years through to post-compulsory education.

ACER researchers work on a range of projects focusing on early childhood education, primary and secondary school, vocational education and training, and higher education, as well as the transitions between and beyond them. ACER examines key issues around improving teaching and learning, analysis of policy and evaluation of educational programs. Research reports, working papers, conference papers and more are available in the ACER Research Repository.

ACER conducts a range of research in relation to student outcomes in school education, vocational, adult and workplace education, and higher education; teacher education and quality. We have been instrumental in the implementation, management and reporting of large-scale international surveys.

This work depends on ACER’s expertise in sampling, survey management, and collection and marking of secure assessments. ACER provides high quality psychometric and data analysis, manages externally commissioned data analysis projects. ACER also undertakes research on psychometric and other quantitative research issues through the Psychometrics Institute. Staff expertise in these areas is also utilised in the design, implementation and analysis of smaller customised surveys for clients.

ACER develops assessment and reporting resources for a wide range of academic and non-academic educational outcomes. ACER staff develop test constructs, research test validity and reliability, develop assessment methods and resources, interpret psychometric data, and develop methods for item banking, online test delivery and reporting. ACER also has expertise in educational data mining to extract information from big data sets.

ACER has more than 100 research staff, more than 60 with doctorates, located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Dubai, New Delhi, London and Jakarta.