Translational research

Within the Centre for Educational Policy and Practice the Translational Research project recognises the dissemination and implementation of research as a priority. The audience for ACER's translational research activity includes teachers, and school and system-level leaders. The aim is to translate research findings into evidence-based practice, and to foster engagement and conversation between researchers and practitioners.

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Pru Mitchell
Manager, Information Services
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From concept to classroom

From concept to classroom

Brief, accessible summaries and syntheses of evidence drawing on high-quality research applied to effective teaching and learning practice.

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 Translating STEM education research into practice. (PDF)

Learning needs in the deaf education sector

Teacher School Learning Community

From concept to classroom

A quarterly PD pack on evidence-based practice for use by teacher professional learning teams.

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Opportunities for practitioners to engage with researchers


Research Conference, 27–29 August 2017
ACER Research Conference 2017


Excellence in Professional Practice Conference, 25–26 May 2017
ACER Research Conference 2017

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Connecting researchers with teachers and school leaders via webinars and face-to-face meet-ups

Engage with the research (webinar)
Thursday 10 September 2015

Professional learning needs of the deaf education sector

Dr Julie Kos outlined the findings of recent interviews regarding the professional learning needs of staff working in the deaf education sector, as part of a translational research pilot project. Participants discussed the issues raised in this pilot, and contributed to development of strategies to address these needs. [Archived notice]

Graduate teachers (face-to-face)
Monday 5 October 2015

The Teacher Workforce: supply, demand and data issues

Dr Paul Weldon spoke to graduating teachers and staff from RMIT Bundoora about key findings from his work in teacher workforce surveys.