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Early childhood

Getting the foundations right

A child’s education from birth to eight years is fundamental to their future development. ACER Indonesia works to ensure that every child receives a solid foundation in their academic, cognitive and social-emotional development that supports them to become lifelong learners.

Holistic-integrative early childhood development

Findings from our latest project in early childhood development (ECD), supported by the William & Lily Foundation and the ADARO Foundation in Southwest Sumba, show the need for an adjustment of the local teaching approach to better support children's development.

Following a comprehensive process from piloting through to handover, this ECD revitalisation project successfully developed 2 modules: one for ECD teachers and another for Posyandu cadres.

These modules are expected to benefit the mentors, cadres, teachers, parents and guardians of children not only in Southwest Sumba but also in all other regions throughout Indonesia that face similar issues related to ECD.

Download modules 

Modules are currently only available in Bahasa Indonesia.

Working together to improve Early Childhood Development

The ECD revitalisation in Southwest Sumba project is commissioned by the William & Lily Foundation and the Adaro Foundation.

Collaborate with us

ACER Indonesia, the William & Lily Foundation, and the ADARO Foundation invite organisations focused on early childhood development to use the modules we developed. Please fill in the form to consult with our expert team on how to effectively implement the modules in your context.

After submission, someone from our team will contact you through the provided email or mobile number.